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Who is New Life Ltda.

We are a group of Cuban professionals working since 2007 with the aim of providing information and facilitating access to ESCOZUL and VIDATOX for cancer patients worldwide.

We work closely with patients and their families, by offering support and solutions for accessing to the drug, either through international shipping or by providing guidance in Cuba in the most economical way possible.

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Independent Producers

They have been developing the concentrated ESCOZUL since 30 years ago. They are located in Matanzas (142 km from Havana) and Guantanamo (840 km from Havana).

Their hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30. You need an appointment and bring a cooler to keep the medicine refrigerated.

We bring you to them and help with the procedure.

Important Information

Tips to get the drug through shipping
For people who for various reasons can not travel to Cuba, we establish procedures to
Tips for a trip to Cuba
Cuba is a bit different from what people are used to know. Its citizens are very so
Director's Letter
Greetings and Welcome! Since 2007, NewLife has been supporting cancer patients that

What our users say?


Before you came into my life, I was out of options. Now, thanks to you I could start this treatment (ESCOZUL) and i feel I'm getting better everyday. Thank you so much! By Jim

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New Life Ltda.

Products and Services

The products we offer are ESCOZUL and VIDATOX, different formulations based on the venom of the Cuban scorpion Rhophalurus junceus.
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We facilitate your access to these products by shipping the medication directly to your home or by encouraging your travel to Cuba without any mishap.
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Short about us

At New Life Ltda Services, we are guides and advisors since 2007. We do not want any possibility that those who contact us can not access the medication.

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